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Eurocollect, founded in 1994, is a leading international debt collection agency dedicated to ethical and effective solutions. We specialise in full-service debt recovery, rigorously complying with local laws such as the Consumer Credit Act and the Consumer Rights Directive.
Euroсollect offers advanced debt recovery solutions globally, ensuring compliance and ethical practices. Our services include cross-border debt collection, fraud prevention, and credit management consultancy, tailored to safeguard financial interests with a no-success, no-fee policy.


International debt recovery
Recovery of investments
Credit control services
Fraud and cybercrime prevention
International debt recovery
Recovery of investments
Credit control services
Fraud and cybercrime prevention
We help businesses and individuals recover overdue payments from overseas clients by leveraging expertise in different legal systems, cultural norms, and multilingual negotiations, all while adhering to international financial regulations and ethical collection practises. If there is no result, there is no charge.
We aid clients in recovering capital from failed or underperforming investments. Our organisation utilises various tactics such as asset encumbrance, negotiation with C level management, and legal actions in order to optimise returns and mitigate losses associated with troubled investments.
We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow and minimising credit risk as financial management professionals. Our services are intended to improve the efficiency of your receivables process, assess and manage consumer creditworthiness, and assure prompt collections.
In the event that your credit card is used by another person or you or your company become a victim of cybercrime, there is typically a chance that you can reclaim the funds. Estimates of the likelihood of success will be provided by our staff. If there is no result, there is no charge.